Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Crocheting in the new year

Last night was a quiet one for me. Just me the tv and an idea for crochet. Earwarmers for the granddaughters with the yarn leftover from one of their hugs I made them. Such a simple rectangle sewn up to create the twist at the top. 

I think from their faces and his long they wore them indoors they adored them  

Keeping up with my bad photos reputation here’s the first one I made and laid flat.

New year's resolutions are not being made this year. Apart from putting less pressure on myself and try to live a simpler life. Let's see how far this works for.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Advent filler ideas and mugs

Still on Advent train of thought this evening. Of course, I didn't think to take photos of the contents until after I had packaged them up, that would have been way to easy to show you lol. Thought I would share a little list of things I thought could work well in an advent calendar like this or as stocking stuffers even.  The girls I made these for are 5 and 8. What might be age-appropriate for them may not be for other children though?

The first thing that came to mind is a little sweet element for each day/ I started with an assortment of mini candy canes, largish chocolate coins and wrapped chocolate balls that look like brussels sprouts. It's a big joke with the girls threatening to give them sprouts for dinner as they say they don't like them so had to get them in somewhere over Christmas.

Other things that went in were
lip balm
pom pom key chain to put on their bags
puzzle pies
small candy cane-shaped glow stick
hair bobbles

other things that would work are
handwritten seasonal jokes
an IOU for an activity that day
small pens
warm socks 

Once you start thinking the sky is the limit. You are only limited by the size of your chosen container for these things.  Use envelopes and have an activity every day instead of little gifts.  My son's favourite advents were the ones where we had an activity every day.  Things like write cards, bake for Christmas, hot chocolate and a film. It was a lovely way to build up towards the season.

This evening I sublimated 3 mugs.  This design was one of them.  Isn't the robin so handsome?

Love the sentiment that goes with it too. Always love watching the robins in the garden.  We look after my daughter's pup while she is at work and even he sits at the window watching the birds now.  Not sure he is watching with the same intents we are mind!

All in all, it's been a pretty good day today.  Tomorrow looks busy but OK.  If I can fit some crafting in I will be happy

Monday, 18 November 2019

Advent in the works

A few months ago I had this simple advent calendar idea. Simple pouches or packages made and filled with little bits and pieces for people.  Decided to get organised for once and started on my granddaughters today. They are still 4 days short as need just a couple of more bits for the last few days. I am really happy how they are working out so far 

First of all, I envisioned just little sweets and girly bits and bobs I thought the girls would like. Then I came across sublimation and sublimated jigsaw puzzles and decided in each day each girl would receive a few pieces of a jigsaw of their puppy. The idea is that on Christmas eve they would have this puzzle to put together.

Earlier today I took the time to sort out my 6-inch square paper packs and stuck 48 edges of the paper to form a tube to use as these pouches.  Then I used a little sellotape or craft tape to stick down the bottom edge flat. Filled with the bits and pieces I felt they needed and then pinched the top edge flat and sellotaped it to the top flat edge was the opposite way to the bottom edge given an elongated triangle pouch.
I hope this picture helps show what I am trying to describe shape-wise. Apart from figuring out how to display them and trimming the edges off, these are nearly completed. Can't wait to hear if the girls get as much as a kick opening all these as I did with the planning and putting together of them.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Crafting crackers

A few things are an absolute must for Christmas day in our house. Trifle for dessert and crackers to pull around the table. 
Usually, I end up leaving the crackers until the last moment and end up rushing around looking for some. However, they always disappoint me a little with the contents as most the plastic trinkets get left behind by their winners and end up being thrown away. The solution was to drag out my Cricut machine and look up a template for my own. No plastic will be used for the 'prize' inside saving the need to throw out things that can cause damage to wildlife or clog up landfills.

I used Hobbycraft glitter ombre care in silver and gold. I have snaps for the 'bang' inner from eBay.

Lucky 13 was the number I cut out this evening.

The hardest part was having the patience peeling off the diamonds left on the mat when everything else got peeled off.

Number 13 was used to see how easily they will go together and they have worked well.  Will use some bold dark ribbon I think.  My idea is to fill with the usual tissue paper hats, a handwritten joke and a little personal gift.  So each cracker will be labelled with the recipient's name. Not sure how I want to do that yet but I am already so excited to put these together and use them.

Here's a simple side view. at around 11 inches long I am happy with the size it has come out at. 
Always my favourite way of ending my crafting session, admiring the craft confetti.  Be it card, paper, glitter, fabric or yarn I always enjoy playing with the scraps and thinking of a use for them.  My urge for this pile is to see if the pieces will glue into star formations.  Only one way to tell.