Sunday, 27 March 2016

Blast from the past

A little while ago we were very lucky to be given some old cookery books and sewing bits.  More recently I bought an instant pot from Amazon in a lightening sale.  Being I remembered there was a pressure cooker recipe book in this box I was delighted to grab it to look up a few recipes to try. As I opened the book a double page from the Daily Express fell out dated June 14th 1984.  It took us down memory lane to say the least.  I was only 13 when this was published.

It turns out Dungeons and Dragons was dangerous and might cause children to kill themselves.

What sounds like a eccentric professor, I am going to have to look him up on Google and see how he got on with that one.

And music systems all us teens wanted, top of the range at the time 

And how young does Toyah look here? Wow.  I have had the song 'it's a mystery' going on in the back of my mind on and off for days now.

And my Instant pot. Which is still fairly new.  Has 7 functions. I have been craving rice pudding lately But waiting over an hour in the oven or stirring a pot for ages is not my idea of fun today.  So I used the instant pot.  There was still a little stirring going on and not quite as fast as people would of had us believe before we bought it. But it was good rice pudding.

Here it is after it had finished cooking and ready for eating still warm.

Here it was now cooled down and had absorbed more liquid so was thicker. With a lovely blob of wild strawberry jam.  Not my bowl I am sad to say as it tasted so good.  But after a roast dinner and being on a diet I allowed myself a smaller portion.  Was so good but none of us managed to finish it all.  Got a feeling the boys are going to be eating the rest of it for breakfast.  Made enough for 6 big portions and there are only 3 of us now.  Definitely a make again recipe. Only thing I would have to complain about is there is no skin on the rice pudding. We will live though.

All this nostalgia has me thinking of roller skates with a key, spangles sweets and long summer days spent with family and friends as a youngster.  Ahhhhh the hazy days of times gone by.

Take care and stay crafty
Jules x

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