Monday, 21 March 2016

Few views of Monday

Good news is I found the camera charger where it should of been.  Bad news, I didn't use the camera yet as battery was charging.  Photo quality should improve soon.

Today went pretty well all considering I have driven to school twice today due to bus issues. I spent a lovely morning with a friend getting my nails done and wandering around a few shops. I wasn't 100% sure about this nail colour but it's growing on me slowly. 

I needed to pop into FabricLand for a few zips and came out with ribbons, giant ricrac and buttons.  Fell in love with the large blue buttons and have an idea of using them on a coat or shawl or something. 

I managed to cut out my skirt pattern and interfacing etc, sewed in the first dart and then received a text from the school, so I didn't get to far with that at first.  I managed another hour after I got back, then had to give up again due to I have caught youngest sons bug he has been suffering with.  Hopefully it will be short lived. 

I have a few things on my to do list this week and am going to type them out in hope having a list I can't lose might help me remember when I am having a forgetful moment.and motivate me to finish something.  We shall see. 

Finish the skirt I started today
refashion a tshirt in style of tutorial I saw 
make a tote bag for a swap I am participating in (this is a must and really looking forward to it)
cushion cover from an item of clothing per friends request
sew my daughter a make up bag 
choose new audiobook to craft by

Usually while I craft I listen to audiobooks.  Strange thing is 5 years ago I would of considered audiobooks cheating. Then I got a cochlear implant after almost 19 years of deafness, amd part of my learning to use a cochlear implant  was listening to an audiobook.  Once it became easier I listened to a few more and now it is really strange to sew or paper craft without an audiobook playing too.  I sometimes change to music but rarely these days do.  

My copy of simply sewing magazine arrived in the post today.  There are a few or more 'must make' projects for me so it has cheered me up to read this magazine while trying to not look to ill this evening. 

Am hoping for more energy and less illness tomorrow. Meanwhile I shall try and get some sleep and sort the camera out. My phone may be great but camera on it doesn't seem to do a great job once photos get uploaded to the blog 

take care and stay crafty
Jules x 

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