Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Finished project

This skirt amazed me.  It looked simple enough reading through the instructions.  If I think it is simple I will usually find the pattern finds someway of not working out right. But it did yay! I even got the zipper in without even one curse word under my breath. Last few zips in garments I tried ended up with me threatening to throw garment and sewing machine out of the window.  

I used a very very fine light cord with some embroidered swirl details on it.  Not the perfect fabric for this as maybe, as a touch to heavy for the flounce to be flowy enough maybe? I like it though.  I plan on making some more flowy, brighter versions for spring and summer. And after over 3 stone weight loss I am getting more confident to wear skirts and show off my legs a bit more

The post arrived with a lovely parcel of patterns I found on sale on line at the weekend.  6 were for children so not all for me. 

5 patterns for me :o)  

These bananas are driving me slightly mad. Doesn't take much really does it? The bunch on the right I bought almost 2 weeks ago and are a bit greener than the picture shows.  Are still a little to unripe to eat but are getting black spots. The ones on the left got bought today by Mr Bradhen so we could actually eat some. Just so strange how long some can take.  Some days you can't get yellow ripe bananas as they are all green wherever you go to buy them. Just a rambling thought.  Been a bit difficult to get edible to eat now bananas sometimes  when sometimes there are a small tribe of children who want them. I bet I will end up with a sudden glut of over ripe bananas to deal with very soon.  The fun will be finding new ways to use them up   

We have had the dreaded lurgy of a bug sweep through the house lately.  It suddenly knocked me out last night.  I was feeling  better this morning but very tired and achy tonight. By the time I had done my sewing and cooked a butternut, carrot and ginger soup for tonight's tea I am ready for bed again.  I am hoping for more energy and less pain tomorrow as have plans with a friend and to see my daughter. So for now I am going to curl up quietly and knit for a while until bed time.  Time to catch up on some TV while on the sofa knitting

Take care and stay crafty
Jules x

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