Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Foggy fish sewing

It's been a strange day. The weather started as a beautiful spring day, by mid afternoon it was wet, gray and windy. Which all left me feeling very foggy and a little jittery.  I had trouble settling on doing anything to big or in need of to much thinking, so I decided on a small project out of this months Simply sewing this FQ friendly project. Isn't it cute? 

I decided on a mostly pink fish. If I do this again I will use interfacing in the top fin, it's a little floppy.

I just need some buttons to finish as eyes.  And I realise not the tail fin is the wrong way round.   I swear I read those instructions at least ten times. I was also messaging my wonderful sis so I might of been slightly distracted ;-)  So it took me a little longer than it should do.  The instructions were very clear though.  A I have said before it's the simple things that give me the most trouble usually

So now this pencil case holds my marking tools for sewing, my chalk pencils and pens. I have filled this one with something fast as my 2 cat pencil cases went fast.  I had one in mind for a gift for someone and my youngest asked for the other one.  Nice to know my sewing is appreciated at least.
I think I am going to make another one or 2 of these without zips as stuffed toys or beanbag type toys for the granddaughters toy box they have here.  Both girls absolutely love animals and fish so should appreciate these I think.

If you are wondering about the glass jar there on my desk? It's my snips jar.  I got into a really bad habit of snipping threads and dropping them on the floor. Which is fine but my sewing set up is in a really small room which can make hoovering every time I sew a pain in the neck.  So I grabbed a large empty coffee jar and place all my snipped threads and small cuttings of things.  Amazing how fast it fills up.  I love looking at it as it holds memories of things I have been sewing and usually is quite colourful.

So now I am going to go hunt out some buttons right for a pink fish
Take care and stay crafty

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