Sunday, 20 March 2016

Weekend fun and review

It's been an eventful weekend here at the Bradhen household. I always forget from one sleepover with the grandchildren to the next how much energy a 4 year old and a nearly 2 year old have. So many giggles, cuddles and noise. Can't be anything but fun right? After we got the youngest one off to bed the eldest GD and I broke out a pompom kit from Hobbycraft and some glue.  So many giggles and things sticking to where they shouldn't be. We got there in the end.  Straightforward enough for a 4 year old to follow and achieve.  So without further ado meet Rapunzel and Nana. For a £1 we got a good half an hours out of this and still have enough to do  blue and a white bunnies too.  These went home with GD today with her haul of Easter egg finds this morning.

This morning I broke out my new pancake pan.  It's a Nordicware pan.  I bought this from Costco before Shrove Tuesday but haven't used it before now.  So cute right? I am easily amused so it came home with us. Mr Bradhen doesn't even question me these days just lets me get on with these things. Anything for an easy life maybe?

After a quick spritz of Fry light we loaded up each section with 2 tablespoons worth of the thick and fluffy kind of pancake batter and over a low medium heat we waited for them to dry out a bit and bubbles to pop on the top side before turning.

We did 2 lots and one batch was lighter than these but all cooked and infectiously cheerful.

We broke out a few chocolate chips and chopped strawberries. There wasn't much left so must of gone down well.  

They are a novelty and I am not sure how often I will actually get to use the pan to be honest, But the pan cooked the pancakes well and you could really see the smiley faces well.  They released without any faff.  I have a few of their bundt tins and they have never not released well either. I think the other design in store was farm animals, might of just been funny animals.  I can't remember more than it was some kind of animals. We shall see if it becomes a tradition for sleepovers in the future. 

It's been a busy Sunday.  After dropping the girls back off home I managed to escape upstairs to do a bit of sewing.  I finished a top I had almost finished,  Will show it off later in the week, I need to find my camera charger to get some decent photos.

While son was in the bath I took the time to trace off  the pattern pieces I needed for this pattern.  I saw it made up and reviewed on the youTube channel Sewn in her transitioning for spring vlog and loved how hers looked so got the pattern.

The bit I don't usually  like in the process of creating a project is tracing off the pattern.  I think it goes back to years ago when I used to get Burda magazines.  Not only did you have to work out which pattern pieces you needed in what can only be described as a spaghetti junction of pattern lines, you also had to put on your own seam allowances afterwards. Really put me off tracing for a long time. With only 5 pieces to trace tonight though it went smoothly and quickly. And I cannot wait to get into this tomorrow afternoon hopefully. I have chosen view E, second from bottom on left of pattern envelope.  It's a bit longer and with my legs that's a good thing. We shall see how it all goes. I have 2 fabrics in my stash that I am deliberating over at the moment so we will see how I feel when it comes down to cutting it out and if I have a matching zip for it.

Pattern is McCall's 7287

Excuse the photograph quality,  I really am not doing well indoors in the later afternoon/evening/night time lately and my camera charger is top of my list to sort out for blogging some better photos with. 

But for now I think a cup of coffee while the house is quiet and a catch up online before bed. So for now

Take care and stay crafty
Jules x 

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