Wednesday, 23 March 2016

What a day.

None of our plans went to plan this morning.I have been driving all over the show today.  My trusty phone decided to switch off earlier when I wanted to take cool photos, and of course I didn't have my camera. Small things, which I will not dwell on as life is not meant to be swallowed up with negative thoughts.  I gave up negative thinking for Lent, really has been interesting catching myself starting to think negatively and turning myself around. 

So onto todays fun bits. 

Bobbin clips I think they are called.  How awesome is this idea?  Keeps the right bobbin with it's matching spool of thread until needed next time. I got these free with a quilt magazine today and will be looking to get more of them I think

With being all over the place I really had not a lot of time for crafting this evening.  I did catch about an hours time to watch a YouTube video and a quick trial of a tutorial by a Fate so Twisted Renee Gomez for turning a mens tshirt into a more feminine garment.  This is done by softening the edsges and ruching the arm and shoulder sleeves.  I may add more to it tomorrow.  By the time I had finished for the evening it was almost 9 pm and a quick phone photo is all I got.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get someone to take a better photo. I have been subscribed to Renee's channel for a while now.  I have made a few of her tutorials and they have always come out great. 


More amazingness this week happened at slimming world.  I lost 3 lb this week taking me to a 3 stone 8.5 weight loss, my 3.5 stone award and a slimmer of the week.  A pretty impressed with myself :o)

And finally the postman brought something I had forgotten was on the way. I bought this from ebay. Cotton panels with animal designs and a few others. Ideal for cushion covers or tote bags.  I fell so in love with these I bought 2 panels.

I have an urge to colour in this owls eyes orange/yellow

Stunning fox picture. I envisage that one as a tote bag.

Although they are ace I have an urge to get out the colouring pens and start filling them in. We shall see if they will end up coloured or not

And back to my what I want to do list for this week

Finish the skirt I started today
refashion a tshirt in style of tutorial I saw 
make a tote bag for a swap I am participating in (this is a must and really looking forward to it)
cushion cover from an item of clothing per friends request
sew my daughter a make up bag 
choose new audiobook to craft by

Not to bad as halfway through.  Son did suggest I stayed home tomorrow and played with sewing machine instead of going out shopping. Kind of get his point as I don't really love shopping. Although I think it was more a case of he wanted to stay home and play on the Xbox instead.

Long day and my bed is calling me. so for now
Take care and stay crafty
Jules x 

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