Saturday, 19 March 2016

who me?

I have blogged before.  Mostly cooking posts.  I love to bake and cook. Put me in a kitchen and let me loose with a new recipe or idea and I am in heaven. Bread is my passion baking wise though. And maybe cake. A few years ago a friend introduced me to paper cutting and next thing I know I was madly cutting extremely fiddly bits out of paper with scalpels and loving it.  Fun as it was it seemed wrong to start blogging about this new passion on that blog.  Last year Sewing grabbed my attention again and I am hooked.  I also knit, play with bits of paper, felt and glue too. I just love being creative in many mediums.

Long story short, I was missing blogging badly, but very undecided about what to do.  Do I do one blog per topic? Or one blog for it all? After a heart to heart with the love of my life, I finally decided on one blog. A lifestyle blog I guess you would call it?

I plan on sharing works in progress. Reviews on patterns I use, books I have read, products I have used and recipes. And probably a few random topics thrown in here and there. Topics so far that come to mind will include Sewing, quilting, cooking, baking, reading, colouring, knitting, failing at crocheting maybe!, paper crafts, photography, trips and outings, entertaining children ideas and mad musings of my mind and life. How can you not be interested? ( don't answer that one please lol )

I am a 40 something Mum of 3 amazing children. A Nana to 2 beautiful Granddaughters. I have a mind that never seems to fully shut down, even when my body has given up it seems. I have a million ideas or 'intentions' and definitely not enough time to do them all. I am hoping though I might get more organised, but if the past is anything to go by there is no way I can become organised.  Could be fun trying though.

So enough of the rambling and I will be back with a more, or hopefully more, ordered post very soon  

Take care and stay crafty

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