Saturday, 23 April 2016

Bubbles! and St Georges Day

I am always amazed at how a simple thing like a pot of bubbles can turn a houseful of people into a noisy, happy, giggling, crazy bunch. We had the delight of having the granddaughters over for a few hours today. I walked Ever down to the shops and asked what she would like and as well as sweets she asked me very politely if she could have a pot of bubbles.  No problem there as long as she could wait until after we had done other things.  

So skip forward a few hours and we were ready to go out.  Then questions got asked about other bubbles and last years bubble wands were remembered.  We went from a small pot of bubbles with lots of little bubbles to massive bubbles everywhere.  With every bubble more little giggles turned into delighted shrieks. And not just from the girls ;o)

I think Evers face here says a lot

Lots of concentration needed here to blow bubbles

Ruby tried so hard to keep up with the chaos, Just as she got there the bubbles burst and we had more giggles.

She gave up with trying to blow bubbles and ended up sucking a wand like a lollipop! 

And Mr show off delighted in making these massive bubbles. I really wondered who had more fun here.

I think Gary and Luke were still going when the girls were flagging.

So this was how we spent our St Georges day, with lots of smiles, laughter and family at home. 

I did get a few hours work into the jacket of doom this morning :o) And it gave me no problems whatsoever today.  I have finished the outer part and have just started on the lining.  I am hoping another few hours and it will be done. Can't wait to wear it, as really pleased with it so far. Now to find it a better name as I don't think calling it the jacket of doom will quite be understood in certain circles.

Hope your St Georges day brought you much happiness and smiles too

Take care and stay crafty

Jules x 

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