Thursday, 7 April 2016

Day out

Had a brilliant time today at New forest wildlife park. It's not the biggest place but it's big enough to keep a family entertained. Their play areas are great providing it's not raining to much.  Which of course it did when we got to that part of the trip. We all had fun though. I have been before and it was pretty much as I remembered it.  They have a butterfly enclosure. Beautiful place

to spend time in.  Unless you are 4 and don't like the butterflies flying around because the colour black is scary you know! I will let you make up you own mind if some of these are scary or not

Flossy the fox

And some harvest mice

The otters ( or woof woofs according to our nearly 2 year old granddaughter) were entertaining and they have several species of otters here.  The giant ones make some rather strange noises. 

This Bison decided to have a lay down and a sleep I think.  So granddaughter, who is 4, matter of factly and quite calmly but a touch of exasperation declared him dead! Those are jackdaws on top of the bison, they were collecting it's downy under fur as nesting materials I think. 

I think R is looking at the deer here. Antisocial ones at that if you ask my daughter.  She tried to touch one as they are just roaming round where they like and as she got there it just calmly walked off a bit sniffishly it seemed. They had no problem being stroked at feeding time later though.  She should of taken a carrot with her maybe?

A special Uncle and Niece moment here while looking at the wild boar

Lots of things to climb and sit on around the park 

 Albino wallaby, nearly walked past this one as was in quite dense shrubbery.  Yay for a decent camera zoom

 E and R  looking entranced. These 2 like their mum are big animal lovers. I swear if a T rex walked close enough at least one of the girls would try to hug it. 

Not as many photos as I took as didn't want to overload the page with to many.  Despite the wet weather and slow walking toddler we had a morning that left us all with good memories and tired children. Roll on our next adventure together

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