Thursday, 21 April 2016

Days of doom!

Some days things go wrong, usually when that happens it is best to walk away before your sanity becomes the topic of family conversation and sewing machine gets to take a flight out the window onto the patio below for a smashing time in the sunshine. This butterick pattern for the jacket seemed harmless enough.  I shopped for some faux suede to make it with. 

And this amazing print for the pockets and lining.  Things started well at first, I traced all 11 pieces off the pattern sheets and set about cutting out the pattern pieces from fabric, lining and interfacing. All great so far. Day one of this project done and all ready to sew.

Day 2 however things started to go a little wrong. First I couldn't find my glasses and the automatic needle threader was not quite threading, so changed the needle, much better. Then yay, onto actual sewing. Discovered I was missing a piece, seems one cut out pattern piece was still in living room. That found I settled down to sewing machine with a drink and spotify playing some of my favourite tracks. So I am all relaxed and ready to finally start then things went downhill as I struggled to make 2 pieces to fit together and pattern said to clip to make fit, much clipping later and I realised after both sides were sewn up that one of the pieces were on wrong sides.  So unpicked and redid it.  And bang! done it wrong again. Then got pockets on wrong and undid.  Today the curse has continued and I have named this the Jacket of doom.  I have learnt lots with this project so far and it not even halfway done.  I am not a quitter, and have enough stubbornness to know I will get this done.

I have learnt that

My seam ripper is a good friend.
Never sew without my glasses.
I no longer shout at everyone when things go wrong.
I still do the same thing twice wrong some days.
Trying to press on the serger pedal will not run the sewing machine, even if I press harder.
 Some days no matter how much coffee I drink it won't solve these problems.
Always buy fabric that you love not just what will do because you won't want to finish these trying projects otherwise. 
Playing fallout 4 while avoiding sewing is a great distraction.
I suck at playing Fallout 4.
I am a glutton for punishment, I bought a new sewing pattern online last night and have it printed out ready to stick it together for a dress soon. 

Looking forward to Day 3 to see if the curse continues. Might not be tomorrow though as busy day tomorrow. Meanwhile I have finished the back of the jumper I am knitting and have done the rib of the front. Am wondering if it's safe to start on that tonight.  Easily fixed if that goes a little wrong though. So for tonight I am just going to knit and chill I think

Take care and stay crafty
Jules x

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