Monday, 4 April 2016

Long weekend

Hello, I have had a busy and good weekend.  The great thunder and lightening mini episode yesterday broke my feeling strange spell and I was able to get on with more today.  We have been to Hobby craft and stocked up on a few things today. A glue gun was purchased ready for me to get on with a few new projects :o)

Saturday I went to hang out some washing and happened to look up towards the starling noise from the nest in next door neighbours guttering and happened to see this beautiful starling up on a telephone line.  I slowly backed in to grab my camera.  Was convinced it would be gone when I got back but no it stayed put and got some really good photos. Love the blue green shimmer of this beauty.

Not feeling 100% after a few jobs I settled down to a spot of colouring.  Amazing how it calms you and becomes impossible to put down until your picture is finished.  Makes me remember being as engrossed as a child.

Yesterday I decided to try out a tutorial to make bias binding.  It really irks me that it's almost impossible to get bias binding to match your project unless you make your own.  Back then it was a case of cutting endless strips on a 45 degree angle and sewing all those ends together until you get the desired length. But a couple of weeks ago Babs Rudlin on youtube share this tutorial making over 5 metres of bias binding from 1 fat quarter of fabric.  So I started with this......

........ And ended up with this. All done with 2 seams to sew and 2 cuts into the fabric.  Genius idea whoever thought of this.  My only moan is it involves lots of ironing, and I hate ironing.  But, it was well worth it for all the binding that it achieved.

Which I wanted for binding the edge of......

......this apron. Made from a recycled pair of jeans, this in one leg and one back pocket. I am pretty impressed with how easy it went.  And I think the man himself is pleased with it by the proud posing he is doing. This fabric is just his style and given the choice he would have a shirt made in it I bet.

And finally I got back to my knitting. It refuses to have it's colour photograph well, next time I will take it outside to show you.  It's the back of a jumper for my son. It's a jumper from the book Charmed knits, Projects for fans of Harry Potter by Alison Hansel. A book I have had many years ans have already knitted a red one that has been outgrown and have promised him a new blue one so here is the start of the back of it.

I know the cables look a bit uneven but it is more angles than the cables themselves I think. I will crack on and try to get the back finished soon I have been so slow working on this.  It got put down about 2 months ago ad just remembered it last week.

Bit of a variety of things been going on here.  We are in the last week of the Easter break and hoping to get out and about more this week. Not sure how much crafting I am going to get done, but I am going to have a good go at getting some in somewhere :o) 

Take care and stay crafty
Jules x 

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