Thursday, 7 April 2016

messenger bag

Since I have started sewing again last year I have been accumulating left over fabric. I don't like waste at the best of times.  I have quite a fair collection of odds and ends now. One lot of the blue denim wasn't enough to make this messenger bag, so I used a blue I used last week for my skirt, and a very dark blue denim I had kicking around.

I then found this Iron on dragon motif I had bought so long ago I actually don't remember when I got it.  In fact I did wonder if it would actually work due to how long it has been around the house.  A few bits didn't stick but what did work well

Hard to see but a couple of inside pockets in the lining fabric. Which is a leftover from a summer skirt I made last year. 

The view here is to show you the sides and straps are lighter blue than the front and flap of bag.

And one more for luck.

Now I guess the question is what to do with the leftovers from the leftover project?  

Take care and stay crafty

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