Wednesday, 13 April 2016

New clothes and pattern review

I have been sewing again, not that is a surprise.  Things have gotten a bit more urgent on the sewing clothes for me situation. I had a sort out for clothes to donate for charity.  I then discovered about 70% of my clothes were way to big since I have lost just over 3.5 stone. So I made a list of things I needed to make and had a search through fabric I have and a suitable pattern.  And chose this Butterick B6026 It's hard to see from my photo but it has some lovely radiating fold and stitch details from the neck area, on bottom outside of sleeve and from the waist area. 


This might show them up a bit clearer.  I made mine up in a nice chambray. Only part that really worried me was the collar and collar band.  I just could not for the life of me remember how I used to do these before. I always struggled with the pattern instructions for these years ago.  So I put my trust in the instructions and read them 192 times I think. And they worked, yay!

In fact the only problem I had with the whole thing was my own silliness.  Those pleated lines are actually done by the folding along a line and then sewing a 16th of an inch or 2 mm away from the edge and then opening out the fold again. After you finish one section you baste stitch along the edge.  There are 4 of these areas on the shirt front and every time I basted I forgot to set the stitch length again. I then went and sewed the folds at basting length and had to unpick them all and redo 3 times for the remaining 3 front shirt areas grrr.

Next problem is I didn't realise my face was in this photo so didn't smile, sorry

One more view of the side.  I am so pleased with this and am already planning another one and a sleeveless version to.  It fits so well with no need to adjust it in any way :o)

Other news today was I had my nails done.  I do love this blue colour, it has a very slight glitter to it that isn't obvious but makes them look a little more brighter.

Popped into Fabric Land and picked up the fabric and bits I needed for a jacket I want to make.  Hopefully I will be able to get a start on that soon but probably not until next week. Other than that we are just readjusting with school restarting this week. It was a brilliant Easter break, I am though finding it a little hard to get back into my usual routines.  So for now

Take care and stay crafty 

Jules x 

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