Friday, 1 April 2016

Newest sewing project

 I have set myself the task of sewing some basics. It's OK to have the most beautiful colourful tops or separates, as long as you have something to wear them with. I am going to be sewing some skirts, trousers and tops in 'plain' colours that will go with a variety of other fabrics. I started this skirt yesterday. It's actually a bit big on me so the shaping isn't as obvious as the patterns model.  It might just be I don't have a models body, but we work with what we have. 

Butterick B6326 view B is the pattern I used. 

I love denim so wanted a few denim basics.  I spent a little while in the shops the other day noticing denim is popping up more again, which pleased me. 

This skirt was a dream to sew up. It's made up with 8 panels and and a facing for the top waistband.  As long as you don't put in notches on the pattern then serge over them, then sew 2 panels upside down it goes great. Not that I would do anything that silly *coughs* I wasn't asked to use an overlocker/serger I just decided to finish the edges off before I sewed anything as I find it easier to do this before sewing the seams. 
 Here I am 'trying' to show off the waist shaping , but I think I am just showing off the shape of my hips and stomach. Still it gives you an idea of the panels and top stitching I hope.

Here is me trying to give an idea of the little split at the back.

I didn't prewash the denim so it will probably shrink a bit, which is no bad thing as it is to big a touch.  So I will wash it then retry it on.  If it needs taking in I will do it along the side seams. 

That's all for today
Take care and stay crafty
Jules x 

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