Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Unicorn coin purse

Sometimes I get good ideas, well they seem like it at the time anyway. And yesterdays idea ended up on this wonderful unicorn coin purse. Got to admit it was worth the hour or so, muttering under my breath, sewing the purse to the metal fastening top.

It even has polka dot lining :o) Makes up for ironing interfacing to wrong side of fabric to start with.  Things did not go as smoothly as I intended but did I mention it has unicorns?

Pink and white unicorns.  I'm a bit biased I think. 

My idea started in the shop the works. We were in there yesterday looking at colouring books, And I spotted this for just £2.  Knowing the metal fastening bit can be more than this on their own I grabbed 2 of them.  I didn't realise until we got home it also contained precut felt ready to show together and an applique dove to sew on.  And some felt tassells and jump rings to attach them.

So I used the red felt as a pattern to cut out outer and inner fabrics and interfacing/ When it came to sewing it all to the clasp I nearly ended up hurling it out the window.  I tried to be clever and use invisible thread.  Which is like thin fishing line/  It didn't want to stay on the needle.  Even when knotted it still slid though the fabric with no resistance at all.

But I got there in the end.  I will do another one when my special fabric arrives as I think it will use up the leftovers from another product.  But until then I will not be thinking of invisible thread just how pretty unicorns are.

Take care and stay crafty 
Jules x 

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