Sunday, 15 May 2016

back from amazingness

I vanished, I know, but in all fairness it was for such an awesome reason that I am pretty happy.  I have this sister called Lynnette, we are both BIG fans of the TV show Supernatural.  About 9 months ago we decided going to the convention for Supernatural this year was an amazing idea, so we did :o) Saying that, 2 very excitable people that have to wait when we don't like waiting kind of was hard work. But it was an amazing time at Asylum 16 organised by Rogue Events.  It was that brilliant we are going next year for Asylum 18.

I won't go into full story mode but I will share a few photos later in this post for those who are interested.

I returned from my time away on Monday, 2 appointments on Tuesday and trying to sort out the school to this week.  It has taken so long just to get back into a routine.  I haven't really had much crafting time and only have had 2 short sewing sessions this week.

Tomorrow (Monday) is hopefully the day I get back to normal. I had such a brilliant time away with some of the cast and the supernatural (SPN) family of fans that I really cannot wait to attend again soon.

I will just leave a few photos here and let you either look or walk off ;o)

In no particular order these are our photo ops.  We chose to share most of them so we could have more fun


  1. We had a fantastic weekend, can't wait for next year :-) :-) :-) xxxxxx

    1. It all went way to quickly with so many amazing moments. And you are the first person to comment on my blog :o)