Sunday, 29 May 2016

Bias cut top

A few weeks ago the Great British Sewing Bee started again on Monday evenings, So I needed the book to accompany the series of course.  I have had a look through the book and need to make lots from it.  

I decided on the Bias cut top from episode one. It's also the first pattern in the book.

So first thing first we had to go fabric shopping.  Chose a black and white stripe, simple or so we thought until we pulled it off the shelf. Then noticed the stripes changed in size,  No problem I thought. Got home and I thought I was going to go blind laying it out on the floor to cut. 

The cutting took some time to be matching up the stripes, using more care and precision that I ever have before but I got there.  I was pinning and flipping to make sure of my placing before cutting

Then finally I got to sewing. Had to stay stitch the neck edges to help prevent them misshaping.  I pinned on all the black stripes and took a deep breath and sewed, 

Then pressed my seam and opened up tadah! matching chevrons  woohooo!!! 

This has been the most precise I think I have ever been in sewing.  Learnt a lot by sewing this top.  Being an easy going Sunday I had stayed in pyjamas up until this point but decided to get dressed for some photos in this top 

looking good huh?

I didn't even bother with trying to match the sides so was very pleased they came out like this :o)

And a back view for you. 

While out in the garden I noticed one of my roses has it's first bloom  I got this rose last year or year before.  It's name is Paul's scarlet. My eldest sons name is Paul so had to have this rose bush. looking forward to more blooms over the coming summer months. 

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