Monday, 16 May 2016


Bit of a strange day today. This afternoon just didn't seem to happen and then it was gone. I never got much time to do much apart from send a strongly but politely worded complaint email to someone. 

This evening saw the return of the Great British Sewing Bee. I love the show and it was this show that encouraged me to dig out my machine and start sewing again. I was like a complete newbie all over again. The first episode that aired tonight has encouraged me to get on with my A line skirt. 

I saw this fabric last Tuesday in Winchester 
It kind of reminds me of Sargeant Pepper kind of artwork or yellow submarine cartoon style art. Very 70's type of print and I had to have it. After a few chats in a few groups online I think I am turning this into an A line skirt. 

I also picked up some very girly fairy princess fabric a while ago with my granddaughter in mind, and will finally get to use it to make her a new PE bag for when she changes school soon.
I will try to remember to update you on my knitting project soon and a new knitting project to. But for now I'm off to sleep. 

Take care and stay crafty. Jules  

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