Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Not glazed carrots!

I discovered glazed carrots a few years ago, really loved them.  Being I am following the slimming world lifestyle I choose not to make them because I didn't want to use all that butter in carrots.  I tried this way out one day ( or rather forgot these were still cooking) and discovered although it wasn't exactly the same it made some delicious carrots.  So I thought I would share with you all how I do them.

I start with chunky cut carrots, If you try this you can cut them however you want I will not shout at you.  And one oxo cube, can be any flavour, Vegetable and chicken ones are the ones we prefer.  Put the kettle on to boil.

I put the carrots in a non stick pan with the crumbled oxo cube and poured enough boiling water  to just cover the carrots, bring to the boil and keep the neat to a medium maybe a touch more. DO NOT put a lid on or it won't work. 

The liquid should start to boil down to a syrupy consistency

It's hard to see here but the trick is when the bottoms just start to caramalise to take them out.  That crusty looking coating on my pan just took a wooden spoon to scrape it off.

I like doing my carrots this way as they come out quite sweet, tender but not overcooked.  If they aren't quite cooked through when water runs out I just add more water to the pan and keep an eye on them, Adding thyme or other herbs to the stock in the first step is a good thing to.

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