Friday, 20 May 2016

upcycling jeans

I have this pile of jeans, they are jeans that some I have had for a few years and some just 5 or 6 months.  All now are way to big so I had an idea about making a jeans quilt with them.  It hasn't happened yet unfortunately. This morning a weekend challenge was announced on the Facebook 'Just sew' to upcycle an item of clothing into something else.  On the spur of the moment I thought of my last summer shorts that were currently lounging on my sewing areas floor. Being I love to cook and sew what better than a new apron?

So these are the before photos

I unpicked the side seams and cut the fronts off along the top leaving the waist band so I could do the apron up with existing button. Trimmed the shape around the side that was left so I was left with a flat piece to use as the apron front.

I measured around the now apron front and doubled that width an added a few inches and sewed together 4 inch strips to get to the length I needed. I hemmed one long edge  and decided to give the gathering foot on my serger a go.  Boy I love that foot :o) Sewed on the ruffle and topstitched it.  Then admired my work.  The fabric for the frill was leftover from sewing bits for my granddaughters and the jeans were ready for rag bag or charity shop.  Cost me nothing and I really like the outcome 

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