Thursday, 2 June 2016

colouring the day away

We had the Granddaughters over this morning.  Turns out for a little longer than we thought.  No problem at all. To stop little people starting to get bored I got out some lining Paper and stuck 2 lengths together and drew around the girls, gave them some felt tips and pencils and let them go wild. 

As you can see from the photos there was much colour used, and great creativity.

The girls tried on their skirts I made the other day and refused to take them off, so I think they were a big hit. 

This is Evers outline and colouring in, with Rubys help of course

This is Rubys outline and colouring in with a little help, I am pretty sure she went home with as much felt tip pen on her arms as on the paper.

Ever decided we needed a foot by her head

Is it my imagination but is Ruby looking a bit like a chicken here?

Aw, sisterly cooperation

concentrating hard on putting the lids back on, pretty impressed with Ruby for that one.  She was a bit mystified with the thick/thin pens with 2 ends though.

Needed eyelashes for mascara so I am told

colours to match her outfit :o)

Few more photos, this went on for about 2 hours or so I think.  Great project the girls really got into.  All it cost was part of a roll of lining paper I guess.  Which we already had in the house. So free and easy crafty project both kids loved 

This wasn't a planned post or activity but sure glad we got to do it and looking forward to more fun soon.  Thanks for coming over to play girls :o) 

Take care and stay crafty
Jules xx 

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