Sunday, 19 June 2016

fabric clip flower storage tutorial

I love purple and I love flowers, so this make made me really smile. Only took me about half an hour, and that was including ripping a bookcase apart looking for a glue gun.  Found it though luckily.

On the corner of my small sewing desk is a big coffee jar that I use as a thread/snips/fabric scraps bin. I actually find it a really satisfying, useful and pretty addition to my work area. 
Trouble is there isn't much room on the desk after the sewing machine and overlocker/serger are put on there. Apart from a pin cushion I also have a red ramekin that is usually precariously perched on some odd corner waiting to be knocked over when not in use. SoI thought about it a while and remembered a pin for felt flowers vaguely. And someone using it to hold wonder clips/clover clips/ whatever these clips are called.

A bit of quick thinking I grabbed some felt sheets, thatI have a small supply of, and cut them along the longest size into 2.5 inch wide strips.  I did one of the paler felt and 3  of the darker felt.

Folded the strips in half along the length and used my clips to hold these together as I sewed down the open long edge. I back stitched at the beginning and end of the stitching line and used the edge of the presser foot as my guide. Felt doesn't fray so had no need to finish or secure the edges.  I didn't even clip the threads in between the pieces of felt.  Just lifted the presser foot and placed the new piece of felt right in front of last one and carried on sewing  with a back stitch a few stitches into the new felt strip

Then I had great fun placing on my clips so I could see how wide each 'petal' should be giving enough room for a clip and a small bit of room either side.  Seemed a faster method than measuring and marking each bit. 

I cut in between the clip and removed them all. I cut down until just before the stitch line and made sure I didn't cut any further as didn't want to snip through the stitches


Then came the fun.  I started with warming my glue gun.  You could also sew the base bits together and use a different glue to later stick onto your chosen base.  I started with my lighter strip and placed a dab od glue on one end and then started to roll the strip up on its self.  I glued all along in small sections and rolled up all along the 4 sections until they formed one big base.

Looking good huh?

The light in my sewing area is not ideal, especially in a dark gloomy rainy evening, but I am pretty pleased with how this came out.

The colour here is more true than the one above.

I turned it upside down and applied hot glue over the base and in this case stuck it to the top of the coffee jar lid.  You could stick it on any suitable container or even make one for a wrist strap and sew it on maybe

I'm pretty happy how it turned out as it looks fun and pretty, but it is saving a space on the desk safely when I put things away. Plus, I can now use the ramekin for its intended purpose it was bought for, cooking.  Souffles anyone??

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