Wednesday, 1 June 2016

June adventures

How can it be June already? Today has been a strange but good one. Went into town with a shopping list which was almost fulfilled. Last item was out of stock so was ordered in. Seems Luke won't stop growing, had to order him a new school blazer as his way to small now, and had to buy him some size 9 shoes! He's only 13.  Mind boggling how kids grow so fast. The shopping mall we were in got evacuated for a bit.  Still not sure why as of yet but we just carried on in a different area of town until the mall reopened. 

Came to a decision earlier to try and blog everyday this month. This blog isn't just for sewing, it's more of a lifestyle place I can share things I have been up to or things I have found interesting.  I am 'crafty' in many ways so I am going to challenge myself to do something crafty everyday to see if I can push myself a little maybe. 

Tonight my daughter sent me a picture on snap chat very similar to the one of me below. A while back I saw on Pinterest and I am pretty sure YouTube too, a face mask made of PVA/Elmers glue and  activated charcoal powder.  I bought the bits and promptly forgot about it.  I told my daughter Leanne who went and got her own glue and I gave her some of the charcoal powder. Tonight she sent me a picture and I thought I am going to give it a go to.

Leanne told me to put on a thick layer because hers was very bitty and hard to get off once it had dried.  So I used a big squirt of glue to 2 heaped spoonfuls of activated charcoal.  Which seemed really thick, so thick in fact it got applied with the back of a spoon. Sat down to a go on the xbox while it dried and about 30 minutes or so I started peeling big bits off.  Unfortunately mine was a bit thick in places and some peeled off leaving a very thin wet layer underneath on mainly my cheeks.  Let that dry another 5 minutes and I was left with a very bitty mess to try and peel off.  Gave up on that idea and used a make up removal wipe.  Wiped off beautifully.  

Mask worked wonders though,  I would definitely do it again, My pores are clearer and the skin is all smooth and soft right now. 

I was going to share with  you some of my June plans and patterns etc, but its after 11.30 pm and the light is not being very cooperative. So tomorrow I will take photos and share my challenges to myself with you all. Will give you a few clues though.  We have canvases, button hole elastic and a few patterns to play with. 

But for now I am going to get a good nights sleep and get ready for the arrival of my granddaughters coming over for a few hours playtime tomorrow morning.

so for now take care and stay crafty
Jules x 

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