Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Nearly finished butterfly dresses

Not to long ago I started on a couple of dresses made using this pattern, using view A, which is the red and white dress on the left/ Today the girls came round to see me after school for a try on of their dresses and some dinner. 

I didn't do the final hemming as I wanted to make sure the length was OK on the girls first. I will do the hems tomorrow so they are all ready for their event on Friday. 

Their Mum took a few photos of the girls today when they tried the dresses on. I thought I would share them with you to show you how they are coming along. 

I think we can safely say they girls were pleased. 

Our mini model Ever. 

Ever and Ruby.  Very happy on the lengths actually.

I didn't think Ruby would be into trying the dress on, but once Ever had hers on and was outside getting her photo taken Ruby was more than willing to join in with the fun of it all. Even with her leggings still on she looked so cute.  They both do.

Can't get over how big these 2 are getting!  I loved doing these dresses,  I learnt a fair bit and had to improvise a bit as I had 3 layers of fabric to deal with in places and 2 where there should of been one.  I chose a chiffon with a border print of butterflies, which I lined with white so it wasn't sheer on the girls.  Then I also had to use lining in places as called for in the pattern.  But it worked :o)

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