Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Photo onto canvas DIY part one

I cannot for the life of me remember where I saw this idea about 6 or 7 weeks ago but I thought it was good I headed over to Amazon and bought myself a tub of gel medium and promptly forgot all about it until a week or so ago.  Then I popped into the works to get a pack of 5 inch by 7 inch canvases to have a play with. I got organised last night and collected all the bits together

A canvas
A picture printed with normal printer ink on plain printer paper, that will fit on your canvas
A tub of Gel medium
Scissors to trim your photo down if needed
Paintbrush for applying the Gel medium

Now for the fun bit. I printed off a great photo and trimmed it to fit on the canvas.  Remembering to flip the picture first, if you need to, as it will be in reverse once you have finished

Paint a small amount of the gel medium all over the front of the canvas.  It is quite thick but spreads a long way. For the first try I concentrated on even and smooth as possible.I know you can't probably see it in photo below but it's there I promise.

Then I took my printed photo and placed it carefully print side down over the canvas onto the gel medium and smoothed it out as best I could, I have to leave it to try until it is dry. 

Being I have not a lot of patience at times I am going to leave it and get on with other things before I come back and finish it off later. Fingers crossed it will work well.  Will let you know in my next post.

Take care and stay crafty
Jules x

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