Thursday, 9 June 2016

Photo to canvas part 2

Unfortunately I had a failure with this, I will give it another go next week as I think I wasn't far off.  Maybe I needed a thicker layer of the gel medium  A bit of research is needed. 

Looked like this after drying for a day

Then I tried to peel off the paper using some water and rubbing the paper off.   Unfortunately what happened was it took off whole areas and the ink ran slightly so I googled and saw someone else do this using a lot more gel medium so I will try that next.

Poor Ty has lost his eyebrows here. 

Not everything goes right first time.  I still have a big tub of gel medium and 3 canvases though. 

On the plus side I have almost finished my Heelo Kitty project for my granddaughter. Just the hem to sew and it's done. Will share that when it's done. 

This evening will be watching Supernatural on DVD and knitting. It's so warm it's wearing me out so a quiet evening is needed before tomorrows adventures. 

For now take care and stay crafty

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