Friday, 3 June 2016

Saturday oh wait it's Friday

I keep thinking it's Saturday but nope, it is still only Friday. Probably because normal weekend things happened today instead of a Saturday or Sunday.  We visited Costco, and Luke went out with some of his Grandparents and 3 of his cousins. So my mind doesn't know what day is what. After Costco we found ourselves home alone minus children or anything to do.  So it must of been sewing time right? Opportunity seemed to good to pass it by.  Especially after spying these pictures in a magazine yesterday.

 It basically is a sleeveless draped/cowl neck top and it shows you how to draft your own pattern with your measurements. 

Being they suggest using journey I remembered this stretch t shirt type fabric I have had for a while and wasn't sure what to do with it.  Well tell a lie it's had about 10 different ideas thought about it but have never got around to it before today.

I drafted the pattern on the wrong side of the fabric with an air erasable pen and cut it out and followed up sewing instructions Tried it on my dressmakers dummy and decided the neck was way to wide so adjusted with pins before finishing it off.

Excuse the skirt, it actually is a shirred sundress I have on the dummy,  I cannot make up my mind on the length so it is staying there until inspiration strikes.

Anyhow I finished it up and it is a fairly quick project.  It's OK I like it, but I will be redrafting and making a few alterations.  It needs to be a lot longer and more of a drape in the front I think

I need to adjust the facings as well they are not quite laying as flat as they could be in areas and are almost sticking out the arm holes.  Will have a play tomorrow and will see were I get. Meanwhile this is wearable and would look good with a simple black skirt or jeans I think. 

I am about to curl up with a book Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. Seen the film a few times and even have the DVD but have never read the book before now. Found it in a charity shop yesterday so thought it was worth reading at long last.  Been listening to many audiobooks lately as I sew, or read on my kindle, so it's been a fair while since I read a story from a real book. Never thought I would be saying that given the avid bookworm I have always been. 

For now take care and stay crafty
Jules x  

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