Sunday, 5 June 2016

Sunday confessions

Hope you weren't after juicy gossip! I admit I missed blogging yesterday, to be fair I think blogging over the weekends is a bit overambitious.  With family around etc I would rather be spending time with them than stuck to a screen or worrying about blogging. 

On Thursday I had to pop into town as had to pick up sons new blazer.  I also popped into a few charity shops.  I picked up a game of Triominos for 99p.  This was a game I spent many hours playing with my Mum over the years.  It's like dominos but they are triangles and a bit harder to match up. I offered Luke a game and he caught on and loved it luckily. May of found myself a new games partner. 

Another thing I have been up to is sorting out some patterns to get started on this week. My email alerted me to the fact that sew over it had a new online class and there was a voucher code yesterday for money off.  2 patterns were included, the ultimate trousers and The Carrie trousers.  After eyeing up the Ultimate trousers for some time I jumped at this offer.  We had family over today and this evening so I couldn't dive straight into this, but this evening after I had happily settled into pyjamas I spent a while printing off, then sticking together and cutting out the Carrie trousers pattern.

Every time I start taping together these PDF patterns together I say to myself I really prefer to be tracing a pattern off a standard  pattern. I say I prefer printing and sticking PDFs than tracing when I am tracing off too.  My least favourite part of the whole process. At least tomorrow I can start with cutting out the fabric when I get back from the school run and the gym.

Other than that I've not been to productive this weekend.  It's been hot and humid, making it harder to breath. 

Take care and stay crafty
Jules xx

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