Sunday, 17 July 2016

Doris dress

I loves Lisa Comforts patterns and her book Sew over it Vintage. She has 2 shops in London and a website as well.  A great selection of sewing patterns as well.  I had recently made her Carrie trousers and my latest sew was her Doris dress. Took a bit of bravery as the length is a bit shorter than I am used to wearing.  I haven't got any buttons to sew onto the front of the dress but I sewed the front shut instead of adding button holes for closure, so for the moment I don't really need buttons.  The Dress has a side zip so the front buttons aren't actually functional.  

I found this fabric at fabric land, It is a very soft floaty cotton blend I think. Love the little bright cherries on a black background.The dress was a breeze to sew up as the instructions were very good and apart from one moment where I sewed the facings to each other on the wrong way round 4 times running it went like clockwork.

 Sorry the back is so crinkled in the photo below I had been wearing the dress for a good while before asking someone to take some photos. 

I see a few more of these Doris dresses in my future but with a little more length.  The length is lovely unless there is a breeze.  On this day there was a lot of breeze, which is why I am holding the edges of the skirt.  I have a thin pair of shorts that are very figure hugging and think it would be best to wear them under this dress.  I don't particularly want to be flashing my underwear to people. 

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