Sunday, 3 July 2016

Gadget review Verteggo

Anyone who knows me well knows that leaving me with a laptop and the internet when bored is dangerous.  Especially when left online surfing on Amazon or eBay.I have to admit most the purchases are good bargains but also most of the time I didn't know I needed or wanted the things until I saw them. Am worse than a kid on pocket money day some days. So in my defense I am going to say it was YouTube that tripped me up this time.......I can't remember what I was watching but it had something called a Rollie egg something or another which is a vertical cooker for eggs.  Then if that wasn't clever enough the eggs rise out the top when they are cooked. Watched a few of these gadget reviews on this then headed on over to Amazon. Just to look you understand..... Found a very very similar product that does the same thing called the.....wait for it....... the.....Verteggo. The rest as they say is history.  It arrived at our house yesterday. 

Looks pretty much like a travel coffee cup. Plug it in and the light is red

When it is hot enough light goes green.  Pretty simple so far.

Instructions say to spray inside the tube with non stick spray.  We have Frylight so that is what we used. Then crack in 1 or 2 eggs. There are other recipes but for now we just have been doing eggs

Put in a skewer if you like but not needed you can tip the eggs out onto a plate or use tongs.

Then the fun starts at the 6-8 minute mark roughly the egg starts to rise up. 

And up.......

Keeps going up.........

So magical for the easily amused like me!

And here it is out on a plate.  Now I admit you can't do the family a big plate of eggs all at once.  But this is a lot easier to clean up than a pan and utensils, and a lot less thought to it if just one person wants eggs

The eggs come out not quite hard yolked but not runny. Tender and not rubbery at all.  You can play with the times to find your favourite way.  There is no timer so you can pour out the eggs early if you like.  If the eggs aren't done to your liking you can pop them back in the tube again.  Big bonus for me is the upper bit of the Verteggo doesn't get hot not even in the inside upper lip so it is not to dangerous for little inquisitive hands to hole while trying to get a look in, or by helping crack the eggs in.

With 3 of us at home now we all have different breakfast habits, especially during the week.  This may be very amusing at the moment but for an antisocial, slow, and on autopilot Mum like me first thing it could well be the answer to the perfect eggs for one son in the mornings.

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