Friday, 1 July 2016

Gerties 40s style blouse

Over the last year or I began to hear a lot about 'Gertie' Who is Gretchen Hirsch. She has a flair with vintage sewing and dressmaking. A while back I treated myself to her latest book, then had to have more. Love this woman's sense of style and patterns.  Before making a dress I decided to give her 40's style blouse a go.  I know I want to make a sleeveless version to but to start with I gave it a go with sleeves.  The sleeves have a lovely cuff detail, even though they are short sleeves.

Started by the usual trace the pattern off and cut it out. The next evening I cut the fabric out. I used a navy and white big checked gingham. Hoping I won't look like I am wearing a tablecloth.

First day of sewing went fairly smoothly. I did all the interfacing beforehand etc.  I had a few stages I had to use my seam ripper. That was however my error from not reading the instructions properly. When I did reread them they made perfect sense.

By the end of day 1 of sewing I had the shoulders and sides sewn, The sleeves with their cuffs attached and sewn into place. I had to do that more than once as guess which lady forgot to turn the machine back to normal stitch length after using basting stitches? All answers on a postcard please. And I put the collar together and had the first part pinned into place ready to sew the next time.

All I had to go was to finish the collar, add the front facings, do button holes, add buttons and hem the shirt.

Then a migraine struck me yesterday, I was really itching to finish off this shirt but with pain and meds I had to wait. So after a rather slow morning and having to drive my son to school, I had a coffee or 3 and spent an hour setting up and finishing the blouse. 

And ta dah

I didn't try to pattern match as didn't have enough fabric but I like it and it doesn't look school uniform or tablecloth like to me :o)

I left out the lower darts as didn't want it that fitted and added on the 3 inches as recommended for the sleeveless variation. The arms are a 'touch' tight on me but I do have big arms so next one I will make an adjustment.

I look a bit crinkled in these photos sorry I should of checked the way shirt was hanging and straightened it.  But all round I am pretty impressed with this pattern and it's outcome. I mostly followed the instructions word for word and it worked as it said it would.  Always a good start.  My biggest trouble with this was finding 5 buttons for it as hadn't bought any. I did however find some small clear ones.

So now I have become acquainted with Gretchen Hirsch AKA Gertie I look forward to making a few more variations on this pattern and making more of her clothes.

For now I am off out for an appointment and going to give this blouse it's first outing.  
Take care
Jules x 

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