Sunday, 14 August 2016

relaxing Saturday

This cough/cold thing is slowly going and I am no longer a feverish wreck, yay. Yesterday we decided to get out of the house and visit a country park with enough space to play cricket. On the way we visited a garden centre and went to see some tropical fish. Exciting stuff huh? The book section drew my attention and the bargains were to good to be not buy the ones that took my eye

So while the boys played Cricket I read and relaxed.  To be honest I did join in with the cricket for a while, got to be done. Also now have an even bigger list of things to cook and places to visit.

And a view of the Cricket game.  Yes we have no bails/bales (can't remember how this version is spelled sorry) They haven't been seen since a cheeky little toddler was waking round with them last week.  They will turn up and some random point no doubt

Today I am itching to start on my sewing project I have cut out.  First though a baking project with the youngest. Hopefully I will get a few photos in between the chaos 

Saturday, 13 August 2016

tents and a skirt for a sewalong

Whoo, it's been busy and hot lately.  This summer holidays with the kids has certainly kept me busy and amused.  Which unfortunately means away from here and most of my social media to. On the plus side it's all been good fun up until I got a summer cold/cough yesterday. I will live though don't worry.

We have been very lucky having the granddaughters over a few times a week while my daughter works, not quite sure who is having more fun us or them? On Monday I decided a wigwam type tent was needed for them to play in.  So, off I went to the corner of the garden to retrieve some bamboo sticks that had been hidden in a tangle of honeysuckle.  Bit of string to tie them together in a square triangle, and a duvet cover and pegs and the girls were very impressed with their little hideaway. 

We have also been out to find 'magic' sticks and so far we have been decorating them with small gold and silver stickers.  Next week I think we are going to cut out some felt stars and maybe make them padded and add to the end with some ribbons. What little princess doesn't need a magic wand?

Just right for eating lunch in and finishing off a tube type yogurt out of the sun.

Katie at Inside number 23 both on YouTube and ravelry. Is hosting a sewalong using the Hollyburn skirt by sewaholic. Looks pretty simple and a lovely skirt so I thought I would give it a whirl.  Took me until tonight to cut out my fabric.  A light weight black, floral denim with sparkles? I am hoping you can see them in this photo?

Ruler for reference there for size idea

And this pocket is just genius, first of all I thought there was a pocket piece missing, but no, this piece folds in half to form the complete pocket.  Which means it's less complicated than the last few pockets I have attempted

1 am is just the right time to blog, enough quiet to concentrate and it's slightly cooler in the house.  Not much though.  I have to say I am not complaining about the weather at all.  It's lovely to have such nice weather for so long.  Saying that I a now looking at patterns to make a winter coat.  I figure if I start thinking about it now and start organising things I might actually end up with a new coat by the time the cold weather starts up again.  Just one problem is all I have, what colour to make a coat in?

Thursday, 4 August 2016

pasta cake??

Someone posted a video on Facebook a few weeks ago and although I can't find it now I remembered it mostly so gave it a go on Monday night. I boiled up some pasta tubes to just cooked and drained them and added them back to their cooking pot and stirred through a big handful or so of grated Parmesan type cheese. Then taking a spring release type of cake tin I then stood the tubes upright in the oiled tin until it was full.  As I had some pasta left over I lined a loose bottomed 4 inch pork pie tin with the pasta as well.  Didn't actually take that long at all really.

While I was making the pasta I had taken the home made bread out of the oven, It was so good but to more ish. We had this along side the pasta and salad.

I had precooked a thickish meat sauce like for spaghetti bolognaise and spread this on top of the pasta. It should go into the tops of the tubes so doesn't need to be to dry.

Then I added lots of lovely grated cheese on top. and baked in a moderate oven for around 25 minutes until the top was bubbling and everything was piping hot.

Then the exciting bit taking it out of the tins. The small one worked the best.  How impressive does this look?

And from the top. Taste good to.  Although I think the base needed more cheese as it was a little bland, but once mixed with the sauce when eating it didn't matter.

The big one however as you can see was less sturdy and a lot of it fell over. So no pretty plate photos.

All in all was a pretty standard mine and pasta recipe elevated to new heights with the 'cake' idea. Would I make it again? Yes more than likely just to see if I can get them all staying stood up enough to slice and serve next time.

Take care 
Jules xxx

30 days of gratitude finished off

I did mean to post these all daily but life has a habit of happening.  Fortunately things have calmed down a lot. My one follower asked me where the rest were.  I had made a note of them all so I finally got round to typing them all up.

Day 18 what piece of art are you grateful for?

Day 19 What touch are you grateful for today?

For me a hug is always a welcome touch and I love getting a hug from any of my loved ones, today was my youngest son.

Day 20 Who in your life are you grateful for?

My partner in crime and life Gary, all 3 of my children, their partners, my parents, and my wonderful friends.  We all have our ups and downs but we all know we have each others backs no matter what.

Day 21 What song are you most grateful for?

Anyone I am listening to and can understand!

Day 22 What story are you grateful for?

The night before Christmas,  I have loved reading it to my children on Christmas Eve, and for the past 2 years my granddaughters too.

Day 23 What tradition are you grateful for?

Same as yesterdays, and any traditional holiday that has me spend time with my loved ones

Day 24 What challenge are you grateful for?
Hard to pin down one, for the moment it is sewing, I get to use my mind to create some amazing ( well sometimes!) clothes and creations.  It challenges me and helps me unwind and relax

Day 25 What moment this week are you grateful for?

Finally being able to relax after the end of the school year. It has been a stressful one filled with many ARGHHHH moments but it all came to a satisfying end of those stresses on the last day.  Which made us grateful and happy

Day 26 What form of expression are you grateful for?
Cooking, particularly baking.  I do not understand people who find cooking stressful as it calms me like nothing else does. 

Day 27 What small thing that you use daily are you grateful for?

My mobile.  I keep in touch with everyone with it. I would be lost without my daily snapchats with my daughter and keeping in touch with family and friends. Not forgetting to mention pokemon go app, it got me out walking loads this week.

Day 28 What small thing that happened today are you grateful for?

My Dad and his lovely wife visited us today so we had a last minute BBQ.  Relaxed sunny day and a BBQ who could not be grateful

Day 29 What friend/family member are you grateful for today?

Oh I couldn't possibly narrow it down to one.

Day 30 What talent or skill that you have are you most grateful for?

Cooking, sewing, making people laugh or having the knack to find the good in any situation.

Loved doing these, sometimes life gets busy and rushed and we forget to look for the good things in life and this helped me do this during a very hard month at times.  I will repeat this maybe at the start of next year and see if it any difference after a few months.

Take care 

Jules xx