Thursday, 4 August 2016

30 days of gratitude finished off

I did mean to post these all daily but life has a habit of happening.  Fortunately things have calmed down a lot. My one follower asked me where the rest were.  I had made a note of them all so I finally got round to typing them all up.

Day 18 what piece of art are you grateful for?

Day 19 What touch are you grateful for today?

For me a hug is always a welcome touch and I love getting a hug from any of my loved ones, today was my youngest son.

Day 20 Who in your life are you grateful for?

My partner in crime and life Gary, all 3 of my children, their partners, my parents, and my wonderful friends.  We all have our ups and downs but we all know we have each others backs no matter what.

Day 21 What song are you most grateful for?

Anyone I am listening to and can understand!

Day 22 What story are you grateful for?

The night before Christmas,  I have loved reading it to my children on Christmas Eve, and for the past 2 years my granddaughters too.

Day 23 What tradition are you grateful for?

Same as yesterdays, and any traditional holiday that has me spend time with my loved ones

Day 24 What challenge are you grateful for?
Hard to pin down one, for the moment it is sewing, I get to use my mind to create some amazing ( well sometimes!) clothes and creations.  It challenges me and helps me unwind and relax

Day 25 What moment this week are you grateful for?

Finally being able to relax after the end of the school year. It has been a stressful one filled with many ARGHHHH moments but it all came to a satisfying end of those stresses on the last day.  Which made us grateful and happy

Day 26 What form of expression are you grateful for?
Cooking, particularly baking.  I do not understand people who find cooking stressful as it calms me like nothing else does. 

Day 27 What small thing that you use daily are you grateful for?

My mobile.  I keep in touch with everyone with it. I would be lost without my daily snapchats with my daughter and keeping in touch with family and friends. Not forgetting to mention pokemon go app, it got me out walking loads this week.

Day 28 What small thing that happened today are you grateful for?

My Dad and his lovely wife visited us today so we had a last minute BBQ.  Relaxed sunny day and a BBQ who could not be grateful

Day 29 What friend/family member are you grateful for today?

Oh I couldn't possibly narrow it down to one.

Day 30 What talent or skill that you have are you most grateful for?

Cooking, sewing, making people laugh or having the knack to find the good in any situation.

Loved doing these, sometimes life gets busy and rushed and we forget to look for the good things in life and this helped me do this during a very hard month at times.  I will repeat this maybe at the start of next year and see if it any difference after a few months.

Take care 

Jules xx 

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