Thursday, 4 August 2016

pasta cake??

Someone posted a video on Facebook a few weeks ago and although I can't find it now I remembered it mostly so gave it a go on Monday night. I boiled up some pasta tubes to just cooked and drained them and added them back to their cooking pot and stirred through a big handful or so of grated Parmesan type cheese. Then taking a spring release type of cake tin I then stood the tubes upright in the oiled tin until it was full.  As I had some pasta left over I lined a loose bottomed 4 inch pork pie tin with the pasta as well.  Didn't actually take that long at all really.

While I was making the pasta I had taken the home made bread out of the oven, It was so good but to more ish. We had this along side the pasta and salad.

I had precooked a thickish meat sauce like for spaghetti bolognaise and spread this on top of the pasta. It should go into the tops of the tubes so doesn't need to be to dry.

Then I added lots of lovely grated cheese on top. and baked in a moderate oven for around 25 minutes until the top was bubbling and everything was piping hot.

Then the exciting bit taking it out of the tins. The small one worked the best.  How impressive does this look?

And from the top. Taste good to.  Although I think the base needed more cheese as it was a little bland, but once mixed with the sauce when eating it didn't matter.

The big one however as you can see was less sturdy and a lot of it fell over. So no pretty plate photos.

All in all was a pretty standard mine and pasta recipe elevated to new heights with the 'cake' idea. Would I make it again? Yes more than likely just to see if I can get them all staying stood up enough to slice and serve next time.

Take care 
Jules xxx

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