Sunday, 14 August 2016

relaxing Saturday

This cough/cold thing is slowly going and I am no longer a feverish wreck, yay. Yesterday we decided to get out of the house and visit a country park with enough space to play cricket. On the way we visited a garden centre and went to see some tropical fish. Exciting stuff huh? The book section drew my attention and the bargains were to good to be not buy the ones that took my eye

So while the boys played Cricket I read and relaxed.  To be honest I did join in with the cricket for a while, got to be done. Also now have an even bigger list of things to cook and places to visit.

And a view of the Cricket game.  Yes we have no bails/bales (can't remember how this version is spelled sorry) They haven't been seen since a cheeky little toddler was waking round with them last week.  They will turn up and some random point no doubt

Today I am itching to start on my sewing project I have cut out.  First though a baking project with the youngest. Hopefully I will get a few photos in between the chaos 

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