Monday, 26 September 2016

And now for something completely different.

Those who know me a bit more know I have this year become involved in Ghost walks and investigations. As a group we go out now and then to places to investigate paranormal occurrences to see if there are any there or not. It is fascinating in many ways. Then I became part of the official team and am helping plan a Halloween event! So before this happens I went around the site in daylight last week.  I have been here before and had an amazing night.  Even got some 'interesting' photos.  But I hadn't been round during the day. So I invited/convinced my other half a lovely walk round would be a lovely opportunity to use his new camera and dragged him around an abandoned asylum graveyard.  It's not scary at all and with the change of the season things wee looking beautiful. I took a LOT of photos but I thought I would share with you the ones that made me smile or stop and think. 

Photo one, Gary showed me this on his camera and I was WTH is that? Looks like a mummified strange head to me. But after taking a photo I decided to put my foot in for scale....

......Turns out it is nothing more than a strange stone.  I think I certainly have an interesting imagination.

Love snails, no idea why but their shells are always so pretty with their patterns.

Do you see what we see in the tree? At first glance I though it looked a bit like a small dragon head emerging out of the fork of the tree until I stood where Gary was and he told me what he saw......

Zombie reindeer missing an antler!  And I thought my imagination was strange lol 

Back to the beautiful bits, there is something amazing about fungus growing. I am always fascinated with the different types you find growing on walks.

And every now and then you come across a grave stone.  Not as many as you think, you really have to look for some of them as they aren't all upright gravestones.  Many markers have been removed or crumbled with time, or so overgrown they aren't obvious.

In fact I went looking for this one as I remembered it from my visit before.  But looked in a completely different setting in daylight.

And conkers!!!  So many memories triggered by conkers and conker injuries caused by them as children.  Hours of fun and games.

This is all that is left of the chapel.

And one more photo before I stop 

Such a beautiful place to visit and so many interesting things to discover. 

Back to share something crafty soon.

Take care
Jules x 

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Welcoming Autumn

Really have loved our summer.  Didn't try to keep up with anything just enjoying the relaxed days and wonderful company. So now we are two thirds of the way through September.  School has restarted, routines are being reset and the weather is all over the show change wise.  

Instead of boring you with a long endless list of what we did over the summer, it would feel like the dreaded back to school essay sadly, I will just pick up from here and tell you what we are up to from now. 

Yesterday hit me with a touch of the blues I think, Not sure why but it had me getting up this morning determined to make a little more of today.  I cooked and baked today.  Nothing spectacular, Red lentil and bacon soup and sourdough loaf of bread.  I had almost lost my cooking mojo recently.  You always know I am on my way back when I bake bread :o) 

The soup was from the hairy bikers fast food dieters book.  Was pretty tasty and filling for such a easy quick and fairly cheap meal.  Definitely on the must cook again list. Only way I changed the recipe was by added a cob of corn kernels that I cut off the corn and added to to soup right at end off cooking.

Love this bread tin, Bit different to the usually square or oval tins. The dough wasn't enough to fill out the whole tin so I kind of squidged it more to one side of the tin and it came out great.

We have a couple of new additions to the household. Bobby and Eevee.

Adorable and fun, and of course absolutely bonkers.  They are starting to calm down a bit though and Ruby is finally being allowed to stroke them for a while before they wander off. I think this made her day as she gets so excited to see the kitties.

Finally I finished a hat I knitted a couple of years ago.  I rediscovered it and it needs a wash as had been in the bottom of the cupboard and then got slept on by cats. I just needed to sew beads or buttons on the owl cables to finish them off an just got around to it. What do you think?

Before bead eyes

and after.  The colour is nearer to no beads picture and a maroon wine colour.

Found the pattern here on Ravelry while I was looking for a quick easy but different hat at the time.  Hats don't tend to suit me but it was so cold the other year I thought my ears were going to snap off from being so cold.  Hopefully now it is finished I will be able to wear it again soon.  I overheat easily so I am not banking on it.  But it is so pretty I am really hoping I get to wear it again soon.

That's it for now, Hope you are all enjoying the start of Autumn.  

Take care 
Jules xxx