Sunday, 30 October 2016

Hand sewing on a whim.

I generally have not a lot of patience for hand sewing.  With one thing or another and my hands not always behaving I never really liked sewing by hand.  So I was left with some pressing, top stitching and hand sewing my hem on the coat I am making, and ground to a halt because I didn't want to do the final hem.  I could machine sew it yes, but wanted to do it properly. So it's been sat for over a week at the stage where I could probably spend another hour on it before the hemming by hand . 

Then today we had to go do a bit of shopping and I declared I wanted to do a quick fast small sewing project this afternoon.  Then I saw this  brooch or key ring kit on the front of a magazine The craft network sewing magazine. So on a whim I grabbed it and had to make the dog brooch, even though it was a hand sewn project.  Looks cute doesn't it?

Flash made this look brighter than it actually is, But I think you can get the effect from this photo.  I think I was almost as proud of my bow tying skills as I was the sewing. 

I've not bought one of these magazines before, Got to say I was impressed with the content of this one. Lots of ideas for recycled denim jeans.  Quite a few ways to turn an ikea blanket into something different.  Dress up ideas for children and lots more.  I will be trying out the free pattern with the magazine soon to I think.  

And although I am only wearing a big old t shirt that looks a lot worse for wear in this picture, I had to put it on to take a selfie angle shot. I think after all is said and done I no longer hate hand sewing and will no longer back off of doing projects because there is bits of hand sewing needed in them.  At the end of the day it's not perfect, but it makes me happy looking at this brooch and I think he will end up on my coat lapel.  He does need a name though. Any ideas?

For now I am going to sign off and start getting ideas ready for tomorrow.  It's Halloween and I am so excited

Take care 
Jules xx

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Back in the swing of things

Hello October, the cooler evenings have reminded me of something I always go through at this time of the year.  Difficulties in finding a nice coat that is within my price range, is smart enough to wear anywhere but doesn't make me feel overdressed, as I am a very casually dressed person usually, and a coat that is not to long or to short nor one I will overheat in.  Don't really have much luck in finding a coat to fit these criteria strangely!  Then inspiration suddenly struck! I could make one! I found this simplicity 1067 pattern and went from there.  Easy-to-sew apparently.  We shall see!

I have decided on the one the model is wearing view A with a shawl collar and patch pockets and a simple fasting.  I did consider a tie belt, but it just then looked like a dressing gown to me in the illustrations.  Strange mind I have right?

I went for a wool blend fabric, it's a little darker than it is showing here. It's not to heavy.  Also this is an unlined garment so decided on a blend so it wouldn't feel itchy next to the skin

Fastenings wise, a lot of umming and ahhhing went on.  I am still not 100% sure on this hook and eye decorative fastening. I may decide to go with a big decorative button yet. Will try this one first after the coat is made up and see how I like it. We shall see.  Hopefully can get this made up and any adjustments done in time for need a coat season.

Had to pop out today to get interfacing.  Was mildly amused when shop assistant said it seemed hard making a coat. Seemed to me a great way of putting people off sewing not encouraging them. She then asked was it hard? Pointed out I had no idea as I had never made any coats before. I would go back and let her know. Had taken along an off cut of coat fabric and the pattern envelope, which is why it looks a bit crumpled. Wasn't until I had gotten home I realised I had made the jacket of doom, so as long as it isn't as eventful as the JOD it should be easy.  Will find out on Thursday when I get on with it all.  So far all is cut out, pieces that need interfacing are interfaced. Sewing machine has had a clean. All I have left to do is wind a few bobbins and get out the serger. Can't wait to start.

Take care
Jules xx