Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Bandana bibs

We have all been ill, one after each other and at same times at times.  Then last week I got hit by Vertigo. Believe me I was really getting withdrawal from cooking and crafting.  Last night I said enough was enough.  I had in my mind for a while the idea of making a few bandana bibs. Who with babies doesn't need bibs? These are my first goes. I used a lovely bright cotton lion print for the front.
The inner side is a soft elephant flannel/brushed cotton.  To be honest you can use whichever side you please.  I have used poppers as a fastening but think velcro may be a better option if I make more.

And here's a view of both together but showing one side each.  A lovely little project that after a bit of tinkering I did a while back with drawing up a pattern I am pretty pleased with the outcome.

Hoping to get a few more bits done today for gifts so cannot really post those on here in case they get seen and surprise spoiled for the people receiving them. For now 

Take care 
Jules x

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