Sunday, 6 November 2016

crayon rolls for Christmas eek!

It's a day past Bonfire night her in the UK, we still had fireworks erupting everywhere this evening outside.  But today I decided to start on Christmas sewing OOOOoooo! These are not for anyone who will read the blog so I am not to worried about putting them up.  I need to do a few more of these.  They are crayon rolls.  Just need some crayons to put in them now.

Here they are rolled up and showing the button and elastic closure

Maybe hard to see the slots but here is the inside, minus crayons but ready to go.

And a view of the end. I saw these all over pinterest a while back and scribbled some sizes down on a piece of paper and made one for my granddaughter.  I think it's here on the blog somewhere.  But I found the paper the other day and remembered I offered to make 3 for someone to give to someone else for Christmas. So I am making progress in being organised and not waiting until the very last moment possible.  New idea for me

And just to show you the crayon slots are there and work here is an action shot. Ta dah!! 

Very simple makes and the past week have all been simple little things.  Just what I have needed to fall in love with sewing again.  I hadn't fallen out of love with sewing, but I think I had forgotten that it doesn't all have to be items of clothes and big projects.  Now I am raring to go and get to the sewing machine and see what creations I can come up with this month.  I even am planning on making my own Christmas cards this year. 

For now take care
Jules x 

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