Wednesday, 23 November 2016

hilarious hindrance

Yesterday I decided to try and cut out the fabric to a skirt I want to make.  These innocent looking kittens are only innocent because they are worn out by helping me.  Can you hear the sarcasm in the words I just typed. After about an hour of doing something that should of taken me 15 minutes tops I finally got there and this pair were worn out from the fun.

See the cat tunnel toy that is on my fabric that I was trying to lay out flat? It wasn't anywhere near a few seconds before this photo. Soon as I started a cat tunnel complete with cat rolled over to say hello.

Now this is a big problem I have, The kittens are obsessed with pins!  They will pull them out of pin cushions, patterns or fabric, and merrily run off to play with them.  Being as dangerous for them as us and small children I literally have to keep all pins and needles under  strict lock and key. So I spent most my times saying things like "off" "leave my pins alone" and "come back here with that"  Then not to mention they are fascinated with the actually fabric being cut and will often jump in middle of it all to try and help/bat at the scissors as I cut with them.  My productive time may of increased by my production rate has severely plummeted thanks to these beauties.  Good job we love them.

Looks as if she is about to pounce on something doesn't she?

Hopefully today I might actually get to sew this skirt.  Depends if anyone is going to help me actually sew too.Time will tell.

Take care
Jules x 

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