Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Large tote bag tutorial by Sewspire

On my trip around youtube last week I saw a lovely tutorial for a large project tote bag.  On the Sewspire channel I thought at the time oo I have the perfect fabric to make one of these with the most adorable accent fabric.  Then I decided to take beds apart and start rearranging bedrooms and moving craft tools and fabrics around.  In short I put a lot of stuff where it wasn't available and made a mess.  OK No worries I then realised I had what I call my deck chair fabric that I bought from IKEA earlier in the year. So colourful and cheerful I thought.  

Andrea over on sewspire on YouTube is on a mission to teach 10,000 people how to sew I think the number was.  Yes I know i 'can' sew but strangely I still don't always know some of the basics and some of the little touches or standard ways of doing things are not how I would do them.  Andrea has a knack of making things very clear and seem very easy to achieve.  

This project bag didn't take me long.  I didn't think about doing step by step photos sorry I just wanted to get the tote bag sewn so I had a summer holiday bright beach themed deck chair tote bag. 

The above photo has the accent stripe down one side.  It is sewn on so over time the edges will fray and give it an extra design element.

To take these photos I had to stuff the bag with a large cushion as I had no one else to help me model it.

The fully lined tote features a different set of coloured stripes 

Not a fantastic photo below of my box corners, but I think these are the most even effective box corners I have ever sewn.

And then I started more hand sewing.  I won't tell you what this stag head is for but it is not for Christmas even if it could well be used for Christmas.  I am not to impressed about how uneven my blanket stitches are looking but I am getting there slowly and almost finished sewing the stag head down.  I might even get to start on the actual project tomorrow. 

Happy start to November I think, hope it is all good with you and you are recovering from Halloween fun.

Take care 


  1. Love the bag! Thank you for sharing my channel with your readers. XO, Andrea of Watermelon Wishes & Sewspire.com

    1. Thank you so much Andrea :o) And you are very welcome, I just love your channel so I think others should be able to find it too x