Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Preparing for Advent and plans

Every year I do something a bit different for Advent.  I really begrudge buying an Advent calendar with diddy cheap nasty chocolate in and that is about all.  So we do things slightly different here.  We have a calendar that rarely contains chocolate, although I did add some this year, and focus more of things to do to enjoy the season in little ways while also helping getting ready for Christmas day.  This year I couldn't find something I needed that was vital so had to change my plans.  So boxes it is with chocolate coins and paper chains.

I filled each box with a coin and a paper chain with the days instructions written on, and another  paperchain so they can be put together and added on to the other days each day.

And all ready for the morning.

Then I have a personal challenge.  I have these 2 jelly rolls I picked up from Fabric Land a while ago.  I am going to use these to make a quilt top.  I figure I can use these to make up a quilt block each day.  After the Advent season I am aiming to put them together by the new year. Should be an interesting experience.

Here are the range of colours in these rolls.

And as I finish up for the night I realise there is one spare chocolate coin left over.  I think I will have this with my coffee in the morning.  Being paid in chocolate is never a bad thing,

Take care
Jules xx

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