Thursday, 3 November 2016

stags head hot water bottle cover

My edition of Simply Sewing magazine arrived the other day and I dived into one project straight away. Isn't this stags head so majestic? After my hand stitching not that long ago I blanket stitched around the stags head by hand.  I quite like it. 

The binding didn't quite go to plan mainly because it wasn't wide enough.  That was my fault for grabbing the first binding I had to hand instead of making some to the recommended measurements. So it is a bit wavy in places.  To be honest this was a practice run at whether I wanted to do another one properly.  Not that I didn't do this one properly. I am rambling sorry. I just decided to use what I had to hand to see if I enjoyed the process of making this.  I did, so I will be finding some fabric that I have enough of to make the correct width binding to match the stags head. 

The back has a handy envelope opening like some cushion covers for putting your hot water bottle in.  Does this mean I actually ought to buy a hot water bottle now then? Might come in handy I guess!

Bad photo but here was the original example in this months Simply Sewing magazine. Grabbed my attention and I am hoping to make a better version of one of these soon. 

I did try to post this yesterday but the app on my phone was playing silly games with me and kept shutting down. Gave up and decided sleep seemed a better option. Looking forward to diving into more of the projects in this edition. 

Take care
Jules x 

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