Thursday, 1 December 2016

advent? blogmas? not sure what to call this

So our first box held the instructions to ask Mum for the first decoration of the season and put it together ready to display.  A 3D star with lights. 

I love Tiger the shop.  Full of lovely things and often fairly cheap to.  But this was a sturdy cardboard 3D star, which went together really easily actually.

Bit of fanning and and unflattening each spike of the star and adding the lights to the interior before using the toggle on the drawstring to keep it all in place.  Luke says it will look great on top of the tree when it goes up.  

And when finished.  Will look great in a lower light later in the season I bet.

I did also make up my quilt block. I used the log cabin method on this one but not really keeping it a true log cabin with light and dark sides. Does this make it a scrappy log cabin block? No idea but I like it.  Already have an idea on what to do with tomorrows block. 

Spent the day shopping with my daughter and got a few Christmas presents. So a pretty eventful but fun day. Tomorrow looks just as busy, with a both more sewing involved.  Unfortunately some of the things I am sewing are gifts so I cannot really share them just yet.

For now I am going to catch up with a few online obligations I have to do and get the bits ready for tomorrows advent box adventures.I think I get more excited over these things than any of the children ever did. 

Take care
Jules xx

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