Saturday, 3 December 2016

advent day 2

Todays advent mission was a simple one.  First Christmas hot chocolate of the season.  

Not sure what he is checking out here? Right ratio of cream to hot chocolate perhaps? It was enjoyed anyway.  It's been a busy interesting week so all that was wanted this evening was a relaxing evening and he got it.

I have been a lady of leisure today.  Tea, cake and baileys hot chocolate with a friend in the morning, and coffee and catch up with another friend in the evening. And as I am home now I am reading Jamie Oliver's Christmas cookbook and drinking sweet rhubarb tea. Making plans for cooking and baking for the weekend ahead.

I am not usually one for fruit teas but this sweet rhubarb tea by Taylors is delicious. 

So not a massively busy day, or wildly interesting one but it was a lovely day full of wonderful people and relaxing times

Take care 
Jules xx

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