Monday, 5 December 2016

Monday baking

Been a while since I have put my KitchenAid Ruby to work so we started on Panettone today.  Takes ages in proving being it is an enriched dough but here was the first mix. had to be beaten until it looked almost stringy as it was beating.

This was after first rise then knock down. Already looking good but anemic.  We had new lights put into the kitschen a few years ago.  Although it is easier to photograph in the kitchen at night everything now either looks to dark or washed out/ So you will have to imagine the buttery yellow colour this looked like at this stage

Divided into 3 molds/cases and ready for the second rise/proving.  At this point I was pretty concerned I should of used just 2 cases.  But then remembered my last ones and how they almost overtook their cases.  Left it all to the cooking gods and got on with other things.

Swiss roll has been requested as one is to be made in school tomorrow so we gave one a trial run.  No idea what is going into the one at school but we decided to go for the basic swiss roll with jam this evening/  He is ours rolled up and cooling.

After bath/shower times we were both still pottering in the kitchen and the Swiss roll needed finishing and filling while the panettone was cooking in the oven.

The boy did good, look at that swirl! Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood would be so proud of this boy. I think he is taking after me in the kitchen.  I am so proud.

And here are the panettone, I did cover them in foil and they aren't quite as dark as they look in this photo.  Tomorrow we will open one and see how it looks inside. 

Pretty much all that has gone on here today. I was at the gym this morning with my daughter and spent some time with her as well. So a wonderful day all in all 

Take care 
Jules xx

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