Sunday, 4 December 2016

Saturday 3rd

I love Pokemon I really do but I don't love trying to do Christmas shopping with a screen addicted Pokemon addict who is not listening to what I am trying to convey.  Joys of parenthood I guess.  We did manage to get out of TKMax without me having to do my Mum voice and with teenager intact. I am not a big lover of shopping anyway.  I can play Pokemon, not walk into people, shop and hold a conversation if needed.  Apparently I can multitask well. 
Last year we had an amazing Yankee candle advent calendar and I am kind of kicking myself I didn't think to get one this year as we loved it.  So todays advent mission was to go choose a Christmas scented candle for the house.  Having not bought any Yankee candles for months I was in my element in the shop. How on earth do you pick one? Good job the festive scents were 30% off.

Luke's been banging on about sprout stalks for weeks now.  I think he finds them funny because if you asked him if he wanted sprouts with his dinner he would say no thank you. Had to do some vegetable shopping on the way home for the evenings dinner and even got a smile and pose.

 Treated myself to some Christmas teas. 

Quite a selection I thought.  And a new big cup for drinking my tea in.  So far  have hardly had an coffee since we came home and I really do run on coffee almost exclusively.  May suffer for that later but we will soon find out.

We couldn't pin down our choices to one candle so we came home with 3.  They will keep us going all through the season no doubt.  Candy came lane was my favourite from last year so it got my vote. Snowflake cookie took a bit of choosing between that and Christmas cookie.  Macaron treats is a new scent but so far my favourite. can't get enough of it.

Just to round the day off I made some balsamic glazed beetroot and carrots from the Jamie Oliver Christmas book.  With sprouts !!!  All in all a very eventful if not busy day. Nice one though as my Dad and his lovely wife came to see us in the evening on their way home.  Always good to see them and catch up :o) 

Oh and I finished my coat, don't all faint in shock, all I needed to do was sew one some poppers to do the coat up and I did that today.  So I can now wrap up in style.  Hopefully will get some photos soon 

Take care 
Jules xx 

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