Wednesday, 1 February 2017

February already wow

I know I know I haven't posted in an age. And January just slid by in a mass of what the heck is happening here and illness.  I didn't make any resolutions exactly but vowed to simplify  life a lot more.  Easier said than done.  I think I kind of got there but, it took time. 

Sewing wise I am slowly getting back into some sort of routine.  Cooking wise, I needed to make lots of changes and realised why I was losing my cooking mojo since I started Slimming world.  It all seemed rather negative in my mind life wise in January. By the end of January I think I know what I need to change and how to change it so a good start. 

Today we needed to head into Winchester for a visit to the hospital.  I didn't personally go to the hospital so I walked around the town centre for a while. The photos are out of order.  I am still kicking myself about not taking my camera and only having my phone on me.  First photo is a view of the town hall from the bus stop as we were waiting for the park and ride bus. I love this building and am not sure why.  I have never been inside and may have to explore a little next time we are in town. 

This is the cheese man stall.  His selection is amazing. Very helpful chap.  I had visited him last year when a friend was visiting.  I walked by today and the smell was heavenly to me. I am a person who would rather have a small slither of a decent cheese once a month, than a supermarket plastic wedge of cheddar everyday. So a few pieces were bought. Definitely will be returning if only to shop here occasionally.

It's been a smelly kind of day.  This mans history with onion selling goes back to his grandfather at least.  I didn't buy onions or shallots it was the smoked garlic that caught my attention so we came home with a braid of 12 gorgeous smelling smoked garlic.

Popped into C&H fabrics and saw this tile on a wall going up the stairs in a display with lots of others.  Made me smile. We spend so much time sometimes worrying how others see us we forget our opinion is the one that actually counts not someone else.

And here is Eevee once again in a sink.  To be fair it is usually her sister Bobbie who is to be found in sinks most of the time.

Busy ish night this evening as the cats have a check up appointment and I have a slimming world weigh in to go to.Tomorrow I am hoping to finish a dress I started sewing the other day.  The Nancy Dress, pattern from over at Sew Over It  

Managed to complete 3 sewing projects in January which impressed me being I am totally feeling like I hadn't sewn at all. 

Anyway I will leave you for now and pop in again soon I hope to let you know what else I am up to :o)

Take care 
Jules x 

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