Thursday, 16 February 2017

How to upset your youngest granddaughter

This is my eldest granddaughter Ever, you can tell from the beautiful smile! She is modelling the collared cloak I made with the help from her younger sister Ruby and her Mum Leanne yesterday.

Here is the view from the back. 

Younger granddaughter looks scared doesn't she? Beautiful but scared.

And here you would of thought we had been torturing her.

Story behind these photos starts off a long time ago in the fabric shop.  I found this lovely soft fabric in 2 colours.  They have like a rose swirl design on them.  I was so taken with it I dragged my daughter in to ask what she thought and maybe if something could be made for the girls with it? The girls are in need of dressing up bits so we decided this colour would make a brilliant princess cape for over the princess dresses they have.  At this point Ruby is in love with the fabric, so soft and fluffy.

Fast forward to yesterday, text from Leanne and can we do something together? We decided on a making day. So dragged out the fabric and a pattern and had a lovely time cutting out the pattern pieces, Ruby helped all the way including with the pinning and ribbon choice etc.  Lots of 'I do it's' and 'I help' Absolute delight in the whole process,  And believe me she helped a lot. She was enchanted watching the sewing machine sew. And after a few hours we had this beautiful satin lined cloak.

Then She refused point blank to wear it for a photo for me her Nana. OK fair enough, it went home with her and Leanne said she would try after shower time. Then I think it became all to much for her and there was no way this was going to happen willingly.  Poor child looks like she is being tortured into wearing something she really hates lol. So in the end the beautiful Ever stepped in and modelled it perfectly for Mum so I could have some photos to share.

So that folks is how to upset your granddaughter, simply get her to help make something she really loves and ask her to wear it.

So onto more less dramatic items I think 

Take care

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